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The CLUES Team

CLUES is the world's most powerful advice tool  available for work and home.

It identifies each person's "secret sauce" and it tells you how to use that magic to its best advantage whether it is relating to your children, spouse, that special someone or getting ahead at work and school.

Are you a structured or a flexible individual?  Do you think out loud or do you need reflective time?  Are you a Visionary, Experiencer, Inspirer or a Traditionalist? Based on these accurate insights, It teaches you how to tweak your thinking, learn better, be heard, the way you want to be heard and CLUES gives you ways to do things better. It's a life line.

CLUES also identifies and provides advise for teams and work groups. It dramatically improves the hiring process by increasing accuracy by instantly identifying candidates that fit into the right role doing the right task. Imagine the cost savings!

CLUES’s team of scientists have automated and redesigned the same quality of psychological testing that is used world wide to benefit CEO’s and Fortune 500 companies.


Our team is not your typical team. Our experts come to CLUES from different verticals to give you the professional, state-of-the art advice that you need. We have renowned psychologists, psychotherapists, organizational developers, senior business experts, military leaders, trainers and IT guru's who have built CLUES.  

They are awesome at what they do and have even provided you secret tips that help them in their professional and every day lives.