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Clues for Families

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Learn how your family members are the same and different. Use these insights to help you all work better together.

As parents, we sometimes forget that our kids and teens don't have the same personality traits that we do. That can make parenting and connecting to each other more difficult. As parents our role/job is to prepare our children to grow into successful, independent adults. We are not given roadmaps on how to do this...and then we wonder why a smooth, no hiccup family life is a challenge?

CLUES for Families untangles the mystery of how personalities interact. Get practical advice on how your family can work like a well oiled machine.

All family members will take our unique CLUES Personality Questionnaire (A parent or caregiver will complete the Child 13 and Under Questionnaire) so that all family member's Personality DNA will be identified.

You get a report that provides:

  • insights on how the behaviour and unique personalities of each member is the same or different
  • an outline of your parenting styles
  • effective communication techniques
  • tips on how to motivate and prepare your child(ren) for adulthood, based on their individual personality style(s)
  • Practical homework techniques designed for success
  • Concrete ways to adapt to their unique learning style(s)
  • Coping strategies for children in puberty
  • Advice for choosing successful activities for them and for you all to do together

Order CLUES for Families now. Then complete the CLUES Questionnaire and In only 11 minutes, we'll deliver practical clues to help you relate more effectively, manage your household and enjoy your time together.

Included is a 42 page personalized report and a FREE CLUES Live Webinar workshop that will take you through your results and more tools that you can use for family life.

Now Only:
$ 300.00