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CLUES for Parents

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It's the End to One-Size-Fits-All Parenting with our INDIVIDUAL CHILD or TEEN Plans

As parents, we sometimes forget our kids don't have the same strengths, gifts, experiences or personality traits that we do. And, that can make it a challenge to relate and help them excel. By understanding the uniqueness of your child you can help them more effectively than ever before; build their self confidence, support their social and academic development.

Children Under 13

Elementary school lays the foundation for how your child will be successful as an adult. Your customized package is based on your child's individual personality style. Each report you receive contains:

A 42 page report that explores how to:

  • understand why they behave the way they do
  • guide your child in social situations
  • help them with their homework - practical solutions
  • give them instructions that they can follow through on
  • choose rewards that will really motivate them to do their homework and chores
  • discipline your child based on their personality style
  • more effectively communicate with your child
  • select the right activities that will build their self esteem and set them up for the future

Plus, you are invited to sign up for a CLUES interactive, online workshop with our CLUES expert.

You'll be provided with more material and insights about your child and their personality styles.

Teens (13 - 18)

The teen years are scary for both teens and the parents who are observing them. A copy of the report will be sent to you and your teen to share and understand together. Each CLUES package is customized to your teen's individual personality style:

A 42 page report explores:

  • insights as to why they behave the way they do
  • how to handle social situations - what to watch out for
  • the best learn methods for them - with real tips and practical solutions
  • which rewards will really motivate them to do their homework and chores
  • tips for teens on how to manage you, the parent
  • which core strengths need attention and how to do so
  • select the right activities that build self esteem and ensure a bright future
  • how to identify and lay the foundation for what could be a good career path

"I discovered that I was pushing my child into activities that I enjoyed as a child and I couldn't figure out why Mark was grumpy when we loaded up the car for his hockey weekly game. The light-bulb came on with CLUES. When I got his Personality report back I realized that one on one sports are really more appropriate to his personality style. Now, everyone is happier. Thank you CLUES!"

Bill, Mississauga

Now Only:
$ 250.00