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Do you need insights to make you more effective and happier at school? It's time to invest in you.

Understand your friend - how you are the same and how you are different. Plus, we'll give you CLUES to relate and partner better.

Build on personalities, smarts and insights. CLUES will enhance groups, collaboration and individual performance.

Use CLUES is your starting point. It is a tool that will give you insight to help you manage school life and beyond.

Welcome to CLUES

44 questions. 11 minutes. A live online workshop and a lifetime of real-world understanding.

We're all different, each with unique ways of viewing the world. And, it turns out the key to effectively relating with one another : a child, parent, a partner, even a co-worker, it all starts with understanding each others' strengths, gifts and particular personality and learning style.

Welcome to CLUES, a dynamic new way to help master your relationships. Get the most out of your time together, your career, love relationships and family life.

Personality surveys aren't new. But CLUES is. That's because the CLUES Questionnaire modernizes and simplifies the best-known and most trusted personality assessment tool ever created, click here,
and adds some extras: a practical, customized handbook you can use as a resource. And an online workshop to help you master your relationships in the real-world.

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